Experimenting with Twitter Data in CartoDB

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a variety of mapping solutions. Starting with the barebones Leaflet (amazing), and then taking things a step further with CartoDB. I’ve got all these tweets lying around from New Tweet City, so I figured I would put them to good use.

I was just in California, and people were all about Coachella. On my return home I asked myself, “Which NYC neighborhoods actually care about Coachella?” I made the intensity map below to answer this question:

The neighborhoods of FiDi and TriBeCa took that crown, to no surprise. They are some of the most affluent neighborhoods in NYC and I can see those residents hyping up Coachella. Meanwhile, Washington Heights and northern Manhattan had little if any activity.

Below, you can clearly see how interest in Coachella spikes in the month of April, when the event occurs:

Over the next few months, I’ll be plotting some more NYC data to glean insight into particular neighborhoods.

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