Boilerplate for the best of Go and React

Want in on the killer combo of Golang with React? Check out the go-starter-kit. It’s a little rough around the edges, but once you get clean up that Makefile you’ll have the following goodness:

  1. Hot Module Replace: It’s like live reload for every module.
  2. Isomorphic React with go-duktape: Render HTML server side the first time, then client side every subsequent request.
  3. Redux: An evolution of the Flux design pattern that’s since been simplified for reloadability and development.
  4. Webpack dev server to hot reload while coding ala live reload off http://localhost:5001
  5. One terminal window process for all development!

I did have to patch up the Makefile to support my usage of the recommended package paths.

ie: $GOPATH/src/


BIN = $(GOPATH)/bin
NODE_BIN = $(shell npm bin)
PID = .pid
GO_FILES = $(filter-out app/server/bindata.go, $(shell find app -type f -name "*.go"))
BINDATA = app/server/bindata.go
BINDATA_FLAGS = -pkg=server -prefix=app/server/data
BUNDLE = app/server/data/static/build/bundle.js
APP = $(shell find app/client -type f)
GO_APP = # Addition: Introduced GO_APP path

build: clean $(BIN)/app

	@rm -rf app/server/data/static/build/*
	@rm -rf app/server/data/bundle.server.js
	@rm -rf $(BINDATA)
	@echo cleaned

	@$(NODE_BIN)/webpack --progress --colors

$(BIN)/app: $(BUNDLE) $(BINDATA)
	@go install $(GO_APP) # Swapped in GO_APP instead of app

	@kill `cat $(PID)` || true

serve: clean $(BUNDLE)
	@make restart
	@$(NODE_BIN)/webpack-dev-server --config $$! > $(PID)_wds &
	@ANYBAR_WEBPACK=yep $(NODE_BIN)/webpack --progress --colors --watch $$! > $(PID)_wp &
	@fswatch $(GO_FILES) | xargs -n1 -I{} make restart || make kill
	@kill `cat $(PID)_wp` || true
	@kill `cat $(PID)_wds` || true

restart: BINDATA_FLAGS += -debug
restart: $(BINDATA)
	@make kill
	@go install $(GO_APP) # Swapped in GO_APP instead of app
	@$(BIN)/app run & echo $$! > $(PID)

	$(BIN)/go-bindata $(BINDATA_FLAGS) -o=$@ app/server/data/...

	@eslint app/client || true
	@golint $(filter-out app/main.go, $(GO_FILES)) || true
	@golint -min_confidence=1 app
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