Machine Learning NYC Neighborhoods

Check out the NYC Neighborhood Predictor! Prediction Matrix

It uses AWS Machine Learning to predict which neighborhood a string of text originates from.


Machine Learning What?

  • Using a dataset of ~1G of geo-tagged tweets, we create a CSV with two columns: text and neighborhood.
  • After training and evaluating a machine learning (ML) model with this data, we expose the real-time endpoint via this elixir application.


  • Molding the training data to create a better model is the real challenge here.
  • Does my data even have statistical correlations or is it just noise?
  • Iterate, iterate, and iterate again on the model and evaluation data is what needs to be done here.

Input Schema

  "version": "1.0",
    "targetAttributeName": "Neighborhood",
    "dataFormat": "CSV",
    "dataFileContainsHeader": true,
    "attributes": [
      "attributeName": "Text",
      "attributeType": "TEXT"
      "attributeName": "Neighborhood",
      "attributeType": "CATEGORICAL"
    "excludedAttributeNames": []

Prediction Matrix Neighborhood Categories

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